Marine Plywood In the Workshop

On Your Marks…

With eleven sheets of marine plywood – BS1088 Okoume plywood to be precise – taking over my workshop, I’m now at the point of no return. My circular saw guide sits at the ready waiting to turn them into something resembling a boat, if not just a lot of sawdust. Oh and many thanks to the great folks at Condon Lumber for coming through when other vendors were telling me they had no plywood available.

Steps to Avoid Splintering Plywood

I’ll be taking several steps in order to avoid splintering expensive plywood. First, the circular saw guide I built really helps since it supports the wood fibers as the saw blade cuts. Second, placing a sheet of styrofoam insulation under the plywood supports the underside during the cut. Finally, I’ve fitted my Dewalt Circular Saw fitted with a Freud 60 tooth Ultra Fine Finishing blade. After this, it will all be up to me, my skill and my patience.


I start by rough cutting the cumbersome 48″x96″x1/2″ plywood sheets into more manageable pieces.