Start of the Tango Skiff Boat Build

Step 1 to a Boat Build… Start Cutting!

My Tango Skiff boat build is officially underway! I started rough cutting the stack of marine plywood which makes it easier to maneuver and facilitates working in my small for a 17-foot boat workshop. It’s going to get crowded pretty fast and I can already see another reorg of the space in the near future. I tackled sheets 7 and 8 first. Sheet 7 contains two of the three transom pieces which I’ll laminate with fumed silica thickened epoxy. It also contains the sides of the center console. Sheet 8 includes the rear seat, the rear bulkheads, the center console seat and the center console top.

I’ve fostered the idea of building a wooden boat for over a decade so it’s hard to describe how great it felt to take these small first steps. With my boys now old enough to appreciate what I’m trying to accomplish I showed my oldest my first few steps and told him how excited I was to start. I will never forget the smile that came over his face as he replied, “I know you are…”


Winter is coming so I’m trying to make as much progress as I can. Fortunately, I’ll be able to continue working at least part of the winter due to what I’ve learned about heating a boat workshop.

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